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Dealing with Uncertainty - The 2 day course plus 2 nights accommodation

Making Critical Decisions under Conditions of Uncertainty provides a unique insight into the relationship between uncertainty and the way we make decisions. The program takes a multidisciplinary approach to the issue of uncertainty and draws on the latest research from fields including neuropsychology, problem solving, cognitive processing, intelligence analysis and social influence. The result of over 3 years research and development it has been tested at Executive levels of domestic and international law enforcement agencies, national security agencies, the Commonwealth Public Service and the private sector. It has been designed to challenge participants and has been described by many as the most testing thing you can do in a training environment. This program is for serious people who are required to make serious decisions in less than favourable circumstances.


Course Objectives

Explain the relationship between confidence and uncertainty

Understand the primary causes of uncertainty

Recognise the intuitive(hidden) strategies the brain uses to mitigate uncertainty and explain how they can impede valid decision making

Recognise the effects of exceeding an individual’s upper and lower threshold for uncertainty

Use tools and strategies for dealing with uncertainty

Understand how to mitigate the effects of uncertainty in making evidence based decisions

Explain the linkage of Decision Making to the other Human Skills

Understand how biases impact on decision making

Discuss the critical attributes in making a decision

Explain the difference between programmable and un-programmable decisions

Understand different theories of decision making

Apply decision making theory

Make more defensible decisions nfluence how others make decisions

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Type: Face-to-Face

Cost: $2480

Duration: 2 days

Location: Sydney

Next Available Date:

8 March 2017