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No Tricks. No Tips. No Shortcuts.

Success within any relationship can be dependent on two things: luck or skill. How much we depend on each will determine the level of control we possess within these interactions.  In turn this also impacts on the perceived value of that interaction for each of the participants. Unfortunately there is no magic formula with people, however, learning skills for overcoming conflict, apathy or resistance in others offers individuals the ability to better control the outcomes they seek. The greater the skill set we develop in overcoming conflict,Replica Watches apathy or resistance, the less we have to rely on luck.  If a result is based on skill it can be shared with others, reviewed for success or improvement, and most importantly replicated.  As these skills develop there is a dramatic increase in our ability to manage the way we deal with people. Luck does not allow for any of this to reliably occur. 

     Reliance on Luck

     Reliance on Skill

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For an interview to return good results you need more than a good set of questions; to possess true influence and persuasion you need more than a firm belief in your argument; to see the person behind the role you need more than intuition and to best analyse problems and issues you need more than collation software. For all of these you need to tap into deeper cognitive functions and an understanding of the science behind how humans function. You also need to develop human interactivity and engagement skills, the likes of which have been scientifically identified and developed by New Intelligence into practical tools and methods.

New Intelligence provides internationally recognised training programs and products that enable you to thrive regardless of whether you are in sales, counselling, investigations, recruiting, consulting, healthcare, retail, financial services or government.

We are the only Australian provider of intelligence and analysis training to mission critical agencies and organisations and have proprietary courses in cutting edge areas such as dealing with uncertainty, making critical decisions, psycholinguistics and critical thinking. Also offered to the broader public (including individuals), our comprehensive and unprecedented suite of human skills training courses enables participants to recognise their potential in regard to:

  • Effective leadership – including leadership training, team leader training, team building
  • Reading people – body language, psycholinguistics, personality and social cues
  • Building and testing rapport – initiating, cultivating and sustaining respect
  • Interviewing – gaining information through improved planning, questioning and elicitation
  • Emotional intelligence – detecting, interpreting and managing (others and your own), emotional skills, emotional intelligence
  • Influence skills & influence training – influencing people through ethically eliminating or mitigating unwanted or undesirable behavior
  • Conflict resolution – mitigating potential conflict, problem solving, managing difficult people and/or difficult situations
  • Negotiation – tools and techniques for influencing the process to change the outcome

We also offer a range of products for purchase, to further assist Human Skills practitioners.

People who attend our courses

They are motivated and they need to move the people they interact with. Our clients include psychologists, case workers, national security specialists, pharmacists, teachers, accountants, lawyers, analysts, sales people, managers, C-level executives, engineers, change managers, HR specialists, investigators, construction professionals and customer service practitioners.

Participants should be mindful that rethinking communication and efficiency across the gamut of top tier human skills can be confronting, even intimidating.

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